Edgar Kais

The Overtures of Life

ISBN 3-932293-01-01
12 Seiten; 17 s/w-Ill.; Tb; 9,50 EUR

In this book the reader will find short obliging poems about emotions, feelings and situations in life.

Sometimes the interpretation is left unclear. This releases the fantasy of the reader and lets him reach his own conclusions.

The reader will also feel the australian atmosphere in an interesting poetic form, and at the same time learn a little about the biggest island and the smallest continent in the world. It is an intriguing combination of entertainment and information.

The Overtures of Life

Life is like a camel,
walking on the northern Pole;
it is like a fairy tale,
that fills your heart and soul.

Life is like a gamble,
you may win a dime;
it is like an hourglass
that comes to steal your time.

Life is like a journey,
over land and sea;
it is like an overture,
of an unknown melody.